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This is a quote from the movie V for Vendetta (2005), my favorite movie when I was young.

Veniversum means universe.

In Latin, "veniversum" can also be spelled as "universum." .

Universum has two roots, unus ("one") and versus ("turned"), literally meaning "turned into one,"

"Versus" is also a root for the English word "verse," such as in poetry.

Thus, I understand the universe as "one verse," or "one poem."

I place this personal philosophy into my personal brand.


This insignia is inspired by the turned A symbol, which appears in logic formulas as a universal quantifier

(such as for designating a result in all cases).

The letter shape is in the didone style of my favorite fonts, such as the timeless Bodoni.

The letterform was personalized by sharpening the outward vertices, and curving some of the inward vertices.

The logo is modern, yet timeless. Rebellious, yet feminine. Professional, yet stylish. Simple, yet meaningful.

A designer's personal logo is perhaps the most difficult design in their career. It must show a preview of their merit, convey their style, represent their brand, and optionally, communicate their philosophy. All this must be done in an image that is concise, recognizable, easy to construct, and visually attractive. The art of designing for oneself can be more strenuous than designing for a client because the ideation between individuals can settle in the mid-space of forgiveness. When you are designing for yourself, there is no forgiveness.


A lot of anxiety surfaces in the process of creating a personal symbol. Will it turn out how I want it to be? Will others appreciate it as much as I do? Will it impress clients, or fellow designers?  Will it be too artsy to be commercial? Will it be too commercial to be artsy? 

To quiet these concerns, the only thing one can do is create from the most genuine and infallible place, the heart. Although designing with philosophy in mind is optional, it will lead to the most potent creations, ones that are anchored in something larger than the art itself.

I love V for Vendetta because it celebrates the power of ideas. "Ideas are bulletproof." "An Idea can still change the world." All designs start as ideas. All great ideas are just the ideas that mean the most to you. In designing my personal logo, I did not start by asking what I think is pretty or stylish or marketable, I started by asking what is important to me. The logo which resulted became my favorite personal design of all time, perhaps indefinitely.

In creating for passion, always remember to be inspired by what you love and what is important to you.

– Annie

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