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RESIDE is a real estate business which buys homes directly from sellers and renovates it to resell it. The client's intention was to combine the classic recycling symbol with the shape of a house, so the first idea had three arrows on the house. In simplifying it down to one arrow paired with green colors, I knew it would still convey the message of recycling in its most minimal form.

Three of the edges on the house were softened to make the shape (and therefore the business) friendlier to perceive, appear as a

modern business, and follow the flow of the gradient. The "RE" in "RESIDE" is bold to invoke the words like recycling, renewing, renovating, and other positive themes of transformation that the business wants to convey.

The house symbol is strong enough to stand on its own without words, while still successfully alluding to the purpose of the business. It is also simple, visually pleasing, and practical to display because of its 1:1 size dimensions. All these features contribute to what make any great icon-based logo an impactful visual communicator.

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