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FoodInno, a student organization at UC Berkeley, hosted a design and marketing hackaton sponsored by House Kombucha*. The challenge was to concoct a new berry-incorporating flavor, develop a marketing strategy, and design a new label for the flavor. My team and I decided to combine this objective with a socially-conscious message, creating a flavor which pays homage to the oldest traces of kombucha in ancient China. 


Disinclined to gravitate towards an obvious "Asian dragon" design, I chose a classic Chinese print which is widely familiar and found on Chinese antiques nostalgic to many East Asian households. This bold and ornate design is not only an eye-catching product label, but also shares a history to all who enjoy kombucha. 

This design won 1st place in the hackathon, recognized by judges from FoodInno and the owners of House Kombucha themselves.


*This design has no official association with House Kombucha.

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