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GiANT Filmmakers is a video production club for UC Berkeley students. It had a hiatus of a few years before reviving again in the fall semester of 2015. With this new generation of filmmakers called for a new visual identity, so a design committee was created within the club to create a new logo. I was honored to have been part of the design committee which created this logo.



The original direction was designing a style similar to how "GiANT" is traditionally capitalized. The tiny ‘i’ surrounded by all caps represents the individual being a part of a larger collaboration, such as in film production. This structure was then changed to an 'i' expanding across both words, inducing a philosophical change in the logo as well. The newer logo's message communicates that, although the individual is a unit of a whole production, the individual is still a large and important contribution.



The "i" in the logo is a combination of a film reel and the shape of Sather Tower, a classic Berkeley landmark. This symbolic element within the text-based logo allows for the simplification of the logo to be "Gi" which displays not only the iconographic elements of the logo, but also maintains the important lowercase "i."

Black and White - classic film colors

Berkeley Blue and California Gold - University of California, Berkeley official colors

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