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Annie is a videographer, photographer, graphic designer, and human being – all in equal parts. She holds roots in San Diego and Vietnam, but is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received two degrees in cognitive science and film from UC Berkeley while simultaneously teaching herself her multiple creative crafts.

Thanks to her intersection in visual media and mental phenomena, Annie specializes in human-centered design, perceptual psychology, and psychologically accurate storytelling motivated by her understanding in cognitive science. As a technical artist, her forte lies in camerawork, lighting, art directing, and editing. Annie’s creative endeavors seek to understand not just how people consume art, but also how they form unique perceptions, emotional responses, and lifelong bonds with the sights, sounds, and stories that art presents them.

In combining her various disciplines, she strives to use art as a dialogue to increase open-mindedness and mindfulness among others, because the world could really use some more of that.



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