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The theme of Mission Peak Chamber Singers's choral event and the songs they performed were humorous and lighthearted to bring laughter to the community in times of struggle. And so, this silly poster was born, inspired the iconic giant foot in the opening theme of the Monty Python show (since the event shares the title of a Monty Python movie with the same name).

The colors are a bright and playful baby pink and baby blue, reminiscent of carnivals and cotton candy. The presentation of the words are similar to the collage aesthetic of Monty Python, making them seem roughly cut out, while also visually organizing the chunks of information.

A slight grain is added not only for texture, but also to make the design reminiscent of a vintage poster. Monty Python is a source of nostalgia for the older event-going audience, so adding a nostalgic feel to the design helps invoke a positive appreciation of "the good times," the oldies classics sung in the program, and other uplifting emotions which the choir wanted to celebrate in their event.


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