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Mission Peak Chamber Singers understands that the power of music and song not only brings people together, but also brings them a sense of hope, love, and community. Hence, their spring choral event was meant to create a space of neighborly love and optimism in times of political hostility and uncertainty.

The client's vision was to show a peaceful protest honoring many important social movements of the time. In order not to clutter the poster with too much symbology, nor make the poster more political than playful, I contained most of the political symbolism on the hands and their decorations. 

The flag and information sign drew inspiration from the minimalist patriotic design of modern political posters. I've realized that American patriotic design often connotes right-wing conservatism or overzealous Americana, but I believe that the celebration of American values can be conveyed by a patriotic aesthetic without having to be anchored to a specific political agenda. In reclaiming American patriotic design, the American aesthetic can be reformed to celebrate the core American values of liberty, equality, and acceptance.

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